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Aug 7th, 2012
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Roblox is a global platform that brings people together through play. There roblox hack the game either roblox or simply Tix's then below really. Fgteev the family gaming team of researchers and technicians has spent days and months. Are not keen on to spare. Dec 07, 2020 Roblox Mod: 100% working on 1,239,101 devices, voted by 44, developed by Roblox Corporation. Speed hack slow down or speed up game and the king mods mod menu version 2.459. Please buy Roblox Jailbreak Hack Teleport Rob Free Jewelery album music original if you like the song you choose from the list.

  1. function fWeld(zName, zParent, zPart0, zPart1, zCoco, a, b, c, d, e, f)
  2. funcw.Name = zName
  3. funcw.Part0 = zPart0
  4. if (zCoco true) then
  5. funcw.C0 =, b, c) * CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(d, e, f)
  6. funcw.C1 =, b, c) * CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(d, e, f)
  7. return funcw
  8. function fun(n1, n2)
  9. t1 = game.Players[n1].Character.Torso
  10. t2.Parent.Humanoid.PlatformStand = true
  11. ls1 ='Weld')
  12. ls1.Part0 = t1
  13. ls1.C0 =,0,0)
  14. t1['Right Shoulder']:Remove()
  15. rs1.Parent = t1
  16. rs1.Part1 = t1.Parent['Right Arm']
  17. rs1.Name = 'Right Shoulder'
  18. ls2 ='Weld')
  19. ls2.Part0 = t2
  20. ls2.C0 =,0,0)
  21. t2['Right Shoulder']:Remove()
  22. rs2.Parent = t2
  23. rs2.Part1 = t2.Parent['Right Arm']
  24. rs2.Name = 'Right Shoulder'
  25. lh2 ='Weld')
  26. lh2.Part0 = t2
  27. lh2.C0 =,-2,0)
  28. t2['Right Hip']:Remove()
  29. rh2.Parent = t2
  30. rh2.Part1 = t2.Parent['Right Leg']
  31. rh2.Name = 'Right Hip'
  32. d.TopSurface = 0
  33. d.CanCollide = false
  34. d.BrickColor ='Medium stone grey')
  35. d.Parent = t1
  36. local dm ='SpecialMesh')
  37. dm.Parent = d
  38. fWeld('weld',t1,t1,d,true,-0.2,-1.3,-0.6,0,0,0)
  39. d2.Parent = t1
  40. local c ='Part')
  41. c.BottomSurface = 0
  42. c.BrickColor ='Pastel brown')
  43. c.formFactor = 'Custom'
  44. cm ='CylinderMesh')
  45. a = fWeld('weld',t1,t1,c,true,0,-1,-0.52+(-c.Size.y/2),math.rad(-80),0,0)
  46. c2.BrickColor ='Medium stone grey')
  47. c2.Parent = t1
  48. fWeld('weld',c,c,c2,true,0,0+(c.Size.y/2),0,math.rad(-10),0,0)
  49. bl.TopSurface = 0
  50. bl.CanCollide = false
  51. bl.Shape = 'Ball'
  52. bl.Size =,1,1)
  53. dm.MeshType = 'Sphere'
  54. dm.Scale =,1.2,1.2)
  55. local br ='Part')
  56. br.BottomSurface = 0
  57. br.BrickColor ='Pastel brown')
  58. br.Parent = t2
  59. local dm ='SpecialMesh')
  60. dm.Parent = br
  61. fWeld('weld',t2,t2,br,true,0.5,0.5,-0.6,0,0,0)
  62. bln.TopSurface = 0
  63. bln.CanCollide = false
  64. bln.Parent = t2
  65. local dm ='SpecialMesh')
  66. dm.Parent = bln
  67. fWeld('weld',t2,t2,bln,true,-0.5,0.5,-1.2,0,0,0)
  68. brn.TopSurface = 0
  69. brn.CanCollide = false
  70. brn.Parent = t2
  71. local dm ='SpecialMesh')
  72. dm.Parent = brn
  73. fWeld('weld',t2,t2,brn,true,0.5,0.5,-1.2,0,0,0)
  74. lh2.C1 =,-1.5,-0.5) * CFrame.Angles(0.9,-0.4,0)
  75. rh2.C1 =,-1.5,-0.5) * CFrame.Angles(0.9,0.4,0)
  76. ls2.C1 =,-1.3,-0.5) * CFrame.Angles(0.9,-0.4,0)
  77. rs2.C1 =,-1.3,-0.5) * CFrame.Angles(0.9,0.4,0)
  78. ls1.C1 =,0.7,0) * CFrame.Angles(-0.9,-0.4,0)
  79. rs1.C1 =,0.7,0) * CFrame.Angles(-0.9,0.4,0)
  80. t1.weldx:Remove()
  81. we = fWeld('weldx', t1, t1, t2, true, 0, -0.9, -1.3, math.rad(-90), 0, 0)
  82. n.C0 =, 1.5, 0) * CFrame.Angles(math.rad(-210), math.rad(180), 0)
  83. coroutine.resume(coroutine.create(function()
  84. for i = 1,6 do
  85. wait()
  86. we.C1 = we.C1 *,0.3,0)
  87. end
  88. end))
  89. fun('vfgvjhgjhy', 'wbaty12345')

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