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ROBLOX Shower Simulator Walkthrough Gameplay and Game Guide. Tips and tricks for the game by Roblox. An online virtual playground and workshop. Designed and constructed by members of the community. Each player starts by choosing an avatar and giving it an identity. Interact by chatting, playing games, or collaborating on creative projects. Each player own a piece of undeveloped real estate along with a virtual toolbox. There is no cost for this first plot of virtual land. ROBLOX members can earn specialty badges as well as ROBLOX dollars (“ROBUX”). Shop the online catalog to purchase avatar clothing and accessories or maybe premium building materials, interactive components, and working mechanisms. Join the largest user-generated gaming community and play thousands of games, ranging from immersive multiplayer games and competitions, to interactive adventures.
The app supports Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod (iOS). Download the game from iTunes and Google Play App Store. The game is free to play so hurry up and get it. Enjoy our game walkthrough guide. ROBLOX is free-to-play with in-app purchases.

ROBLOX Shower Simulator Walkthrough Gameplay

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Many want to know the best Roblox games. This is because it has become in one of the best games currently having the most diversity and variety for all ages.

Precisely, for being a multigame, some do not know which of all options to choose; that is why we will let you know below which are the most wanted and those that will give you the entertaining that you want.

Know the best 16 Roblox games

Although Roblox provides you with a very organized interface at the time of showing the options of games that are available for you, likewise, to choose one is not an easy task.

There are different categories in which you will be able to select what you like most and adapt to your age. That is why, now, we will let you know the best Roblox games that we like best and what is each one of them about.

  1. Meep City
  2. Jailbreak
  3. RoVille
  4. Blox Fruits
  5. Mega Noob Simulador
  6. My restaurant
  7. Tower of Hell
  8. Piggy
  9. Dragon Blox Ultimate
  10. World of Magic
  11. My farm
  12. Adopt Me!
  13. Age of Heroes
  14. Vehicle Simulator
  15. Super Power Training Simulator
  16. Dragons’ Life

We know that for helping you to choose, we do not only should name the games but also we have to talk about of them; therefore, we will tell you what is each one about individually so that you can make your choice surely.

Meep City

If you want to create your ideal life, this is your game. It is like a life simulator where up to 80 people can play at the same time, with which you can chat, share coins.

In which you can have your own avatar and customize it with the clothing, hair style and accessories you want. In addition, you can build your house, decorate it, have a pet and walk it, etc.


It is the classical game of police officers, thieves and prisoners. Here, you will be able to choose which side you want to back. In any case, your abilities are tasted, and you will have to face different objectives.

If you are the thief, you have to steal the most amount of money you can in banks, jewelries and more. But, avoid to be captured. You escape while police try to catch you.

And if you are the police officer, you will have to catch the thieves; the more captures, the more rewards you will obtain. Therefore, you will have different objects at your disposal that will help you to defend yourself or attack your opponent.

In any case, you can choose if working as a team or individually.


This game is also like a life simulator with virtual reality where, as in Meep City, you can build your house, pay bills, buy stuff, but with additional actions.

You will have to maintain your avatar well cleaned, sleep at the hours you are supposed to, eat and take a shower as in real life. To maintain your character satisfied, you cannot be careless.

Blox Fruits

Here, you have to train very hard for being the best swordsman of the place, only then will you be able to face your enemies in pirates and sailors battles whether it be on land or sea. You must kill your enemies.

But, do not worry, you have at your disposal a big amount of armor and weapons that give you the additional strength you will need.

In addition, you will have mystical fruits that will provide you with interesting abilities such as control over fire, flying or shooting tornados, among others.

Mega Noob Simulador

This is an addictive game even though it is simple. You must combat with creatures and by doing it you obtain a greater strength and more coins with which you can later purchase weights for doing exercise which is important since you have to be the strongest of all.

For doing so, you should drink shakes that help you to increase your muscle mass and then you will get stronger, bigger and more muscular and you will be ready to face the giant. Thus, if you like exercises and combats, this is the game for you.

My Restaurant

If you dream about having your own restaurant, you have the chance to be one in this game. Here, you can be the owner and hire employees for working with you.

You will have an amount of tables and you have to serve your clients by preparing a good meal, clear the table and wash the dishes as in a real restaurant.

Since at the beginning you have the basics to start with, with the money you earn, you can be improving and enlarging tables and kitchen, hire people and do everything needed for growing your business.

Tower of Hell

This is considered as one of the most addictive games that can exist, although it also causes certain frustration. But, this is what makes it so exiting, especially if you like challenges.

This tower of hell is a giant cylindrical column and to win you must reach the top. On the way, you will face many obstacles and dangers that will make it difficult for you to reach the top.

The challenge means that if you fell, you must start again even though you are about to reach the top. That is why winning supposes a great challenge to overcome.


Piggy is a game in which you have to run away from an antropomorphic possessed pig that is waiting for anyone who wants to get close and enter his mansion.

For not being caught, you have to hide, run and everything possible to keep you from getting killed first or before the others, since there are other victims who like you are running away from him.

Dragon Blox Ultimate

For anime lovers, this is one of the best Roblox games because here, by means of your avatar, you can be alike to your favorite Dragon Ball character.

Like them, you can fly at a great speed and shoot balls of energy when fighting against your enemies. So, you will enjoy of being a super sayayin, villain or hero.

World of Magic

If your likes are more magical, World of Magic is the game for you. Here, you will be able to create your own magician and your guild of magicians, make fights with powerful creatures by creating your magic in different ways.

For earning money, you must carry out the missions. That money will let you to purchase your magical contraptions that will help you to win the fights.

My farm

For those who like the farm life, this game is farmtastic. This is a game that simulates the agricultural life where you can cultivate the land, breed animals, and see the farm grow as you complete the missions.

You can attend and organize parties and be rewarded for it. Besides hiding treasures and inviting others to search for them, you can decorate the farm for parties.

You cultivate corn, lemons, tulips and invite for popcorn parties where you will spit them all around the farm or decorate sweets with cheese, honey or chocolate you produce.

Adopt Me!

Other of the best Roblox games is Adopt Me! Here, you can choose to be a father or a baby and adopt or being adopted as the case may be. You choose the role you will develop when initiating the stage.

In addition, you have your house which you can improve or fix, meet your neighbors or take a ride. In case of being the father, you must assist your baby by bathing him, feeding him and giving all cares a baby requires.

You will have a normal life, attending parties, purchasing stuff such as cars or bicycles; you will have friends, etc.

And if you are a baby you will grow up as the time goes by up to become an adult.


Other option is adopting a pet and taking care of it since its birth forward, name it, dress it with pets clothing and walk it.

Age of Heroes

In Age of Heroes, you will be a respected super hero who catches and destroys delinquents and villains or vice versa, you can be a villain who commits the worst crimes and defeats the heroes.

You just have to choose your super power, and when you go fighting and increasing levels you have the option of updating them. So, the more you win, the stronger you can be.

Vehicle Simulator

For cars lovers, there is also a very good game: Vehicle Simulator. In this game, you select your vehicle to participate in races where you must be the fastest to win.

Your opponents drive spectacular vehicles too; that is why winning is not an easy task, but the more times you win, the more money you gain and it allows you to improve or change your vehicle whenever you want.

Super Power Training Simulator

In this training game, you will exercise your mind, body, your fists and even your speed. You will acquire new abilities that will lead you to improve your character.

In addition, you have the option to choose if you want to use those abilities by acting as a villain or as a hero. You can join your friends and experience great adventures.

Roblox Shower Simulator Game

Dragons’ Life

Dragon’s Life is a game of role where, with the great amount of animations that is has, you will be able to bring it to life by wandering the dragons’ world.

In this game, you can create your own family or dragons’ clan along with your friends where everyone can choose whether to be an egg, a baby dragon, teenager dragon or an adult dragon.

And, this is how ends the list of the 16 best Roblox games that are at your disposal. As you can see, there is something for everyone and every game has its challenges and each one of them is gradually adapted to your likes and preferences.

You just have to identify which category you like most: adventures, races, roles, training, cooking, etc. And according to that, you personally choose, from this list, which ones are the best Roblox games for you.

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Shower Simulator In Roblox

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