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Free Items in Roblox. Roblox also provides free items to their users. To get free items, you must login into the account and go to the ‘Avatar Shop’. There you can either search them individually or you can select the free items in the price section given on the right side of the screen. Doge Scarf is a neck accessory that was published into the avatar shop by ROBLOX on August 27, 2014. It can be purchased for 150 Robux. As of June 6, 2019. You can earn a lot of rewards with the free Roblox promo codes for Strucid we are going to provide you. Roblox Codes – Full List Valid & Active Codes. Redeem the first codes in, and the rest in the game (Island of Move) of the link provided. ROSSMANNHAT2020: Redeem this code to earn a free The Chilly Winter Wizard Hat. PC / Computer - Roblox - Crimson Winter Scarf - The #1 source for video game models on the internet! Looking for an easy way to get Accessories for Neck Codes & ID’s for Roblox? We have compiled and put together an awesome list with all the necklaces, ties, scarf, and misc items like paintings or whistles. Press on the buttons to copy the numbers (Button Does NOT work for iOs, but you could still copy the ID’s).

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We are happy for you because your search for the most legit and trusted list of Roblox Promo Codes is over now. We know you have been looking for the working codes for quite some time.

After many difficulties faced by our selves in order to get working codes for roblox, we decided to make the list our self. This is to help all those who are desperately looking for new promo codes for roblox.

Furthermore, we have created guides on many Roblox games. Go to our our Roblox Game Codes page to easily check them out.

Below is the list of Roblox Promo Codes not expired. Use them as soon as possible because these codes expires quite quickly.

Not Expired Roblox Promo Codes 2021

If you are trying to upgrade your avatar, then you have found the greatest treasure of all. These promo codes for Roblox provides free items, accessories, clothes, weapons and many other things. With these items, you can make your avatar coolest.

ROBLOXTIKTOK : This is the latest Roblox Promo Code which gives TikTok Party Panda to celebrate the roblox’s arrival on tiktok.

WALMARTMXTAIL2020: Get a Wintery Peacock tail on redeeming the given roblox promo code.

SPIDERCOLA : This promo code gives shoulder accessory called Spider Cola. (Accessory > Shoulder)

TWEETROBLOX : This code gives a cool tweet bird that sits on your shoulder. This code could easily be the oldest roblox promo code ever created. (Accessory > Shoulder)

These are the only working roblox promo codes available right now. All of the other codes are expired now. Our advice is that you hurry and claim these codes asap! or these will also get expired.

Amazon Prime Gaming Special

You can now get these cool snow covered ice wings from Amazon Prime Gaming. These are exclusively provided for the prime members. You can get them here for free.

You need to get access of Amazon Prime either by subscribing to prime or by borrowing it from anyone you know. Furthermore, they not available on roblox directly and there no roblox promo code which will provide you these wings.

Moreover, Amazon Prime Gaming keep these kinds of rewards from time to time.

Where to find the rewards of Roblox Promo Codes?

Once you have redeemed all the working codes, the rewards will be added to your account. To find these items you will have to go to your Roblox gaming account. There in inventory you will find these items in the the respective categories. Shoulder accessories will be given in the shoulder section similarly the head accessories are given in Hat or Hair section, again depending on the type of the item.

Expired Promo Codes For Roblox

Roblox promo codes are rolled out every now and they also keep expiring apparently faster than than they are created. The best thing about the roblox promo code rewards is that the items that are received from redeeming these codes remain in the inventory for all eternity.

But Once these roblox codes are expired then their reward items are not available for use to the players who did not redeemed these codes. That is why we keep on telling you to claim every promo code for roblox as soon as you see them.

Below is the list of all the expired roblox promo codes given.

SMYTHSHEADPHONES2020 : Redeem roblox promo code and get Gnarly Triangle Headphones. (Accessory > Hat)

TARGETFOX2020 : Apply the given code for roblox and get a fox shoulder pet. (Accessory > Shoulder)

DRRABBITEARS2020 : A new promo code for roblox is here. It gives Royal Winter Rabbit Ears.

AMAZONNARWHAL2020 : On redeeming this code you will get a pet called Dapper Narwhal (Accessory > Shoulder)

ARGOSWINGS2020 : Get the beautiful Topaz Hummingbird Wings on redeeming this promo code on the roblox promotions page.

WorldAlive : Redeem this roblox code to get Crystalline Companion

VictoryLap : Redeem code and get free Cardio Cans

SettingTheStage : Redeem code and get Build it Backpack

GetMoving : Get cool Speedy Shades by redeeming given code

DIY : This code further gives a cool Kinetic Staff

FASHIONFOX : Get free Highlights Hood by redeeming given code

GAMESTOPPRO2019 : Apply this code to get Glorious Pharaoh of the Sun

HAPPYCAMPER : Claim code for Dustin’s Camp Know Where Cap

BARNESNOBLEGAMEON19 : Get glorious Neapolitan Crown with this roblox promo code

GROWINGTOGETHER14 – Get Cake Cape by redeeming this code

TOYRUHEADPHONES2020 : Furthermore, receive Teal Techno Rabbit on redeeming given code

*HAPPY2019ROBLOX* : Apply this code for Fire stripe Fedora

KINGOFTHESEAS : Moreover, redeem code to get Bejeweled Aqua Cap

HOTELT2 : Claim promo code to get cool Transylvanian Cape

COOL4SUMMER : Redeem given code for 150K Summer Shades

HEADPHONES2 : Furthermore, get Next Level Blue Headphones with this code

WEAREROBLOX300! : Redeem this promo code for Visor of the Blue Bird Following

SPACESTYLE : Moreover, get 50k Space ‘Hawk by claiming mentioned code

MLGRDC : Redeem this roblox code to get Next Level MLG Headphones

TARGET2018 : Apply given code for Full Metal Top Hat

ROBLOXIG500K : Furthermore, get a Hovering Heart applying this code

KINGOFTHESEAS : Moreover get a really cool Bejeweled Aqua Cap on redeeming this code

SPIDERMANONROBLOX : Apply the mentioned code to get Vulture’s Mask

KEEPIT100 : Apply code and get Next Level Future Visor

FINDTHEKEYS : Here is a code for cool IOI Helmet

$ILOVETHEBLOXYS$ : Furthermore, redeem this code and flaunt your new Showtime Bloxy Popcorn Hat

LIVERPOOLSCARVESUP : Apply mentioned promo code for Liverpool FC Scarf

GOLDENHEADPHONES2017 : Get a 24k Gold Headphones on claiming given code

How to Use Promo Codes in Roblox

The hardest thing of this process is getting the working promo codes for roblox. Once you have solved this problem (which you have already took care of by finding this guide), all you have to do is to copy the code from our guide.

Once copied go to the ‘Redeem Roblox Promotion Codes‘ on official roblox website. The put the code inside the promo code box and hit redeem. There could be three results of these hitting the redeem button. These are:

  • Code is redeemed.
  • Code already redeemed.
  • Invalid Promo Code.

If the code is new and working then you will get the dialogue “Code is redeemed”. But if the code is already used then you will get the second dialogue “Code already redeemed”. Similarly, if the code is expired, the you will get “Invalid Promo Code” dialogue.

You don’t have to worry about the code, because all the codes inn the working section are tested every once in awhile. Meaning, we keep updating the list every time there is a new roblox promotion code or any code is expired.

Where to find the reward of Roblox Promo Codes?

After you have redeemed any promo code in Roblox, the next step is to equip the reward with your Avatar. But many times, the roblox players are not able to find where the reward goes after they have successfully redeemed roblox promo code.

Whenever you gain any reward, it goes straight to the inventory section of your roblox account. In the inventory, you will find many categories of the accessories, faces, gear, heads etc. You will find your reward in one of those categories depending upon the type of your reward.


To everything easy, always pay attention what kind of reward does that promo code in roblox provides. For example if it provides a shoulder pet, then you will find it in Inventory > Accessories > Shoulder. From there you can easily equip that reward to your Avatar.

Roblox Gift Card Codes

Roblox also provides a facility to its players to generate or purchase roblox gift card codes and gift them to their friends and family on their special occasions.

Creator Challenges

Roblox Creator Challenges to earn some extra rewards. In, creator challenge has quiz game type setup. You will be asked many questions and if answered right, you will be rewarded accordingly. Moreover, the rewards will include avatar items as well as distinction badges. You can learn about these quizzes from Roblox Studio.

There are many Creator Challenges on Roblox. These are mentioned below:

Furthermore, if you have completed all the creator challenges, but you still want to earn rewards then you can do one thing. Find out all the badges that you have earned in these challenges and delete them. This will again make you eligible for the creator challenges.

Free Items in Roblox

Roblox also provides free items to their users. To get free items, you must login into the account and go to the ‘Avatar Shop’. There you can either search them individually or you can select the free items in the price section given on the right side of the screen.

Moreover, we are also going to share with every free item there in the Avatar Shop of Roblox. Every items is given below with their names liked with the original item page on Roblox.

Featured Accessories

Roblox Black Combat Scarf Id

Below is every featured accessory ever created by roblox for free. The names of these items are directly linked to their original pages. You can get the items directly from there.







Avatar Animations

These are some animations that you can use on your avatar.



Body Parts

Now its time to share with you the different body parts like heads and faces of avatars that Roblox offers for free.



Roblox Scarf Free


Moreover, Roblox also provides free clothes like shirts and pants to their players. They also provides free T-shirts, however, they have deleted many cool T-shirts from their catalog. Never the less, lets begin with the list.




Complete Bundles

Roblox Red Scarf Id

Roblox has also provided complete bundles of appearance to their players. These bundles include different combinations of clothes, hair & accessories.

Roblox Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

These are the free items available on Furthermore, you need to claim them from their official shop page. Only then, you will find these free items in your inventory, ready to be used.

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