Roblox Pirate Simulator Xbox

The group of KOSMOS had developed the game Yar, which is a Roblox based game. This Yar is basically stimulated by the treasure game of boat building in Roblox. To build the boat, a player needs a bunch of materials. To get these materials, players are allowed to use some codes.

Redeeming the codes will provide all the desired material for the building of a player’s boat. The ultimate aim for a player to make the strongest boat in the game which can withstand all the barriers.

All these obstacles will be set in different locations on the map. From the world of earth, a player will begin his journey and explore other space worlds by roaming in a different location. The whole game is built on beta and continuously the new contents are adding up to make the game more interesting.

Roblox Pirate Simulator Xbox

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How to play Yar Roblox

The tool for the build is there to place the boat materials of your game. All you need to be safe in the game. Apart from being safe in the game, Cargo is the most important part which you have to put on your boat. Achieving more money will let you get cargo a bit stronger.

Just make enough money to access the cargo button to purchase cargos. With the boxes, you can unlock some items to protect your boat. For safe sailing, just try to build a raft for your game.

In this plot, you can make your own boat. In the bottom of your screen, here you will get the build to place the different parts of your boat. After completion of the building click on launch to go.

Pirate Games On Roblox

How to redeem yar codes

  • To redeem the codes, open your game and go near the spawn
  • Here you will get the option to put the codes to redeem your free items.
  • Put your code and click on submit.
  • Before clicking on the submit option, make sure all the letters of the code are in the capital. Eg, You can use your first code as “BETA” and proceed to submit. Using this code will give “Copperx10” for your game. That resembles, you will have 10 number of coppers as your boat material. Same as using the GLOWING code will provide you with the allow block for your game.

Some valid codes for Yar Roblox:

Roblox Pirate Simulator Codes

Some basic and important valid codes for the Yar Roblox game has been discussed below,

  • To get 1 no of Spiked orb, The valid code is “XBOX”.
  • 3 number of Ruby blocks are available in the yar game with the code of “1MIL”.
  • A player can redeem 1000 no of gems by the code of “YAR”.
  • The code “BETA” gives the 10 no of copper to the players.
  • To get the pirate ship of ancient time, the “LAUNCH” code is the valid one.
  • The triplet glow lblock can be redeemed by the code “GLOWING”
  • The code “FREEGEMS” also helps to achieve 1000 gems in the game.

Hope you are left with no confusion, keep your eyes on our page to get more details.

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