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Are you looking for ways to get some free Robux? Well, while many think it’s impossible, I tend to disagree. Check out these amazing options, and you’ll thank me later.

Roblox fits the Andreessen Horowitz model as it can be free and it's widely available across gaming consoles, PCs, and even mobile (iOS and Android).

When you think of online gaming, Roblox is certainly the platform. It is a virtual sandbox, where players have the opportunity to play, as well as create custom-made games. This gaming platform, which is pretty popular with the young generation, was first introduced in the market in 2006 for PCs.

How To Get Free Items On Roblox

More versions for iOS and Android devices were released later in 2012 and 2014, respectively. With a monthly traffic of over 150 million players, Roblox is certainly a big platform.

And, while the core games are free, players can also buy several other accessories, costumes, skins, Game Passes, and more in-game items, to make the game more interesting. To buy these items, you need to have some Roblox cash/currency known as Robux.

So, how do you get these Robux? And, is it possible to get free Robux?

Well, Let’s take a look.

How to Get Free Robux

While the Roblox website states that you have to spend some real money to earn Robux currency, I still believe there are numerous better options. The platform may not have a specific way to help you earn free Robux, but I’ll show you some legit ways to get there.

Remember, we want it legit. Also, you should note that getting Robux comes only through the game. You should not be tricked by third-party platforms claiming to offer free Robux. Never give out your details as you might be dealing with scams that can mess you up.

So, what are these legit ways to earn free Robux?

Here are some that you can consider.

  1. Roblox Affiliate Program

This is one of the easiest ways to get some free Robux, and to make more purchases for your game features.

The affiliate program allows a player to earn some Robux currency, after every purchase from their referrals. And for the developers, you earn some Robux when someone registers through your Roblox gaming page.

Once you sign up for Roblox gaming, you get some shareable Roblox affiliate links, which you can use to invite people to buy Roblox items. You can simply share these links with your friends, or even through social media, to attract more people.

When a person clicks on your link, they are directed to a Roblox Game site, or to any product you are promoting in the Roblox store.

If you want to earn free Robux through affiliate links, just go to the product you wish to promote and click on the share button of your choice. This will automatically share the link on your social media.

Note: You must click the share button on the Roblox items page if you want to earn with the referral program. This will generate a specific link that shows you are the referrer, and you can use it to claim the reward.

  1. Creating Roblox Games

As I stated in the introduction, Roblox platform allows you to do more than just play your favorite games. It gives you a chance to create your own games and even earn from it.

That’s right! It’s one of the easiest ways to get free Robux, but only if you know how to make a game, and the game becomes a hit.

Luckily if you have some idea of how to do it, Roblox offers a robust tool for game development that can assist you in making pretty complex games within the platform. And, you don’t need any coding experience to do it.

Various YouTube tutorials on how to make Roblox games can be quite helpful when starting.

Also, if you wish to take it a notch higher, there are numerous online resources, to help you learn Roblox scripting language.

Once the game is ready, you can publish it and share the games link through your social media platforms.

This way, you get to earn some Robux for every signup that is made through your Roblox landing page.

  1. Selling Game Passes

Game Passes can be a great way to rack in more, free Robux through your new Roblox game.

These are special items of the game that allow players access to more features and perks. You are the one to decide what perks a player gets when they buy a Game Pass.

These perks can include things like:

  • New weapons
  • Flying ability
  • Super speed
  • More lives, etc.

Since you have the ultimate choice to set the price for your game’s perks, you can first experiment on a price and see how your players’ base responds. If it needs adjustment, you can do so to fit what the majority want.

Remember, if you want more Robux, you should keep promoting your perks to your players. Make them aware of all the existing features.

  1. Earn Free Robux Through Roblox Premium

This is a monthly subscription service that will require you to spend some money. I know some might ask, why spend money while you are looking to earn free Robux? Well, I still think this option is a great one, and this is why.

Although you’ll need to part with some dollars each month, the features you get from it are worth it. First, Roblox Premium gives you access to the marketplace, where you have better options to now make free Robux.

In addition, there are free Robux bonuses, every beginning of the month, and for joining the Roblox Builders Club. Besides that, you can also sell, buy and trade various items in the marketplace, to earn more Robux.

With a Builders Club membership, game developers earn higher payouts for their games, as compared to developers in the free and regular options. This means that you have higher chances of earning more free Roblox money.

Get Free Robux with Reward-Based Sites

While the above-mentioned options allow you to earn free Robux directly from Roblox, the next set of options is quite different. These will need you to do some simple tasks, but the results are worth it. And you can use what you earn, to buy Robux.

  1. Survey Junkie

When you think of reward sites that help you earn free cash, Survey Junkie tops the list. The platform is easy to sign up, offers numerous options to earn easy money, and pays via PayPal, or free gift card vouchers.

If you are looking for a way to earn some free Robux, this might be a great option. Although it will not pay you directly with Robux currency, the free money you get here is pretty capable of getting you the free Robux.

After sign up, the site sends you easy-to-complete surveys that are specific to your location and other demographics. Each survey bags you around $1, which will only cost you some 15 minutes tops.

When you hit their $10 minimum threshold, you are free to withdraw your cash.

Earning with Survey Junkie is virtually effortless.

  1. InboxDollars

This is among my favorite reward sites for earning free money. InboxDollars offer highly-paid surveys and don’t play cat and mouse games with your money.

A simple survey can earn you around $3, with more complex ones fetching you even up to $25. This depends on the duration and type of survey. Also, your profile determines how much you earn – experts in specific fields might earn more.

The surveys are typically less than 10 minutes long, although some might go up to 25 minutes. But, the longer it is, the sweeter the rewards are.

All free items in roblox

Signing up for InboxDollars is easy-peasy, and a $5 reward awaits you upon completing the process. Also, it offers easier ways of making money, like browsing, playing games, or simply watching videos.

So, if you need some free cash, sign up for InboxDollars, complete these simple tasks, get paid via PayPal, and buy your Robux.

  1. Swagbucks

Another easy way to get Robux for free is by signing up for Swagbucks. Like Survey Junkie and InboxDollars, this is one survey site that walks its talk. The platform makes sure that every effort you put in gets paid.

Joining Swagbucks is free, and you even receive $5 extra for the signup.

The platform is pretty popular, with its over 20 million users spreading across countries like the US, UK, France, and India.

Survey payouts in Swagbucks range between $0.4 and $50, and once you earn it, you get paid. Even better, you earn money for doing other simple tasks like playing games and watching videos. That’s why it fits perfectly as one platform that can help you earn free Robux.

Simply sign up, earn, and use this money to get Robux.

  1. LifePoints

If you are still not sure of how to get Robux for free, LifePoints is another legit option.

Yes, legit! But how?

The platform offers amazingly easy surveys and pays instantly via PayPal. Their awarding of points is also pretty up-front, with each survey earning specific points based on length and complexity.

The biggest task for you is to sign up, which is also quite simple, and you are ready to make some money. All you need is to provide the correct information, to allow the site to send you the right surveys. You’ll earn between $0.5 and $5 for each survey, and once you hit $20, the money is available for withdrawal.

Best Free Items On Roblox

Withdraw via PayPal, and buy your Robux.

  1. Toluna

This platform is popular among surveyors due to its relatively attractive pay per survey, and an efficient payment process. With Toluna, you get paid to offer opinions on some of the world’s largest brands such as Amazon and Coca Cola.

For every 95, 000 points you earn in Toluna, you have an equivalent of $30. The catch here is, you can fetch even up to 10,000 points for a single survey. This means that hitting the 95,000 points isn’t a challenge.

The tricky part is, only the US, UK, and Canada residents can make money through this platform.

So, if you do live in any of these countries, you have a great chance of earning free money that you use to acquire free Robux.

  1. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel works pretty the same way as most of the above reward sites. It allows you to earn some easy cash doing surveys, browsing, playing games, watching videos, etc.

Each task is allocated certain points that are instantly credited on your dashboard after completion. Getting paid to watch videos or play games is particularly enjoyable, and I always see this as being handed free money. You are being paid to have fun!

For every 100 points you earn, you are eligible to withdrawal one dollar. But, you’ll require at least 500 of them to make any withdrawal. This means that you can have easy $5 in your PayPal account within no time.

The best part is, once you redeem your prize, your money will be in your account in as little as 24 hours. Now, this is relatively fast.

With this money buying Robux won’t be a problem at all.

  1. Vindale Research

This is also an excellent rewards site for people looking to make some quick, easy cash to buy Robux. Surveys here can earn from as low as $0.5 to as high as $50. So, depending on which survey you are taking, you might bag some good cash pretty fast.

Unlike many other surveys which show your earning in points form, Vindale Research rewards you in dollars.

Different surveys will fetch varying amounts. For instance, a survey on fashion may be worth just $2, but a political one racks you $10. It’s all about topics and demographics.

Payment is via PayPal, which makes it easier to buy anything you want.

  1. Opinion Outpost

If you want to earn more than just a few bucks, signing up for Opinion Outpost wouldn’t be a bad idea. While its survey payouts are average compared to other survey sites, the platform has a bigger opportunity for you.

Roblox Items On Sale

Opinion Outpost gives its users a chance to participate in quarterly draws, where one can win a whopping $10,000. If you ask me, this is a chance that’s worth trying.

As for the surveys, the platform pays around $1.50 for every hour spent answering surveys. This means that with just two or three hours a day, you’ll be withdrawing quite soon. The withdrawal threshold is a mere $10.

Payments are made through PayPal, and you can use the money to purchase anything – even Robux. If you don’t get a chance to earn Robux directly from the gaming site, why not try this rewards platform.

  1. MyPoints

If surveys are not your favorite, MyPoints gives you an alternative way of getting that Robux credit. Besides surveys, MyPoints doubles as a cashback platform.

Roblox Free Item Codes

This means that you can either make money by answering surveys or cash backs from online purchases. The surveys are not that badly off, with some paying up to $25. As for the cash backs, they depend on the type of purchase, and the site where you are making the purchase.

To get started with MyPoints, all you need is to complete a simple signup process, create your profile, and you are all set.

MyPoints makes its payments via PayPal or free gift cards, which you can exchange for almost anything you want. And while many sites might delay your money, this platform pays you within 24 hours of the request.

  1. Branded Surveys

There are numerous ways of how to get free Robux easy, and Branded Surveys completes our list for today. This survey platform is an excellent choice for people residing in the US, UK, and Canada.

If you want to answer simple surveys and make some quick cash, Branded Surveys is the way to go. Just visit their website and complete the signup process for free. For just registering, your account is credited with 100 points bonus.

While some other survey sites on this list might have more attractive payout per survey, Branded Surveys compensates for this with a high number of available surveys. If you seriously want to make some cash, the platform has more than enough surveys.

Payments are via PayPal cash, and if you are looking for free Robux, you can certainly use this cash to purchase some.

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Does a Free Robux Codes Generator Work?

The simple answer to the question is No. Although it was easy to get free Robux codes when Roblox started, this is no longer possible. Robux generators used to work well back when the platform’s moderators were still in the early stages of determining what was important and which one was not.

Currently, the platform has seen significant upgrades, and it’s not possible to generate genuine codes that can be used.

However, this doesn’t mean you won’t find scammers offering to give you easy Robux codes.

It would be best if you, therefore, were extra vigilant about whom you give out your details. It might just be another ploy to scam you, from some devious websites.

Final Verdict

Getting free Robux is not entirely impossible. While the platform doesn’t just give out free Robux bonuses, there are several things you can do to earn some.

The only thing you should do is to look in the right place—both from the Gaming platform itself and from other avenues. However, even as you do so, don’t be duped into giving out personal information to sites purporting to offer free Robux.

If you are not getting it directly from the Game, the only other legit option is to earn free money from reward sites and use that money to buy some Robux credits. All the above options are excellent picks.

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And if you don’t know what Roblox is, it is a gaming platform where you can buy games and new kinds of stuff inside the game in exchange for Robux. This gaming environment is very famous among gamers of the United States, and the United Kingdom, and many other parts of the world.

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Roblox On Different Platforms And Free I Tems

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You can also give the items that you get for free to the others, but this does not mean you can get more chances to redeem more items from one code. You will only get one chance to save the stuff from the code.

You get this opportunity to redeem free stuff because, as other gaming platforms like Rockstar Games, Riot Games, Amazon has made agreements with Roblox Corporation.

How to redeem Roblox Prime Gaming Redeem Code?

To get the code, you must have Amazon Prime subscription. If you don’t have it, you can also apply for a one-month free trial, and you have to follow this straightforward process:

  • To get your code go to
  • Go to your account on and log in there.
  • Then proceed to and then enter your code there.
  • The redeemed item can be equipped from the avatar editor.

That’s all you have to get through this simple process to claim yourreward on the Roblox platform. And also, new items will be released every month for free till March 2021.


At last, Roblox Prime Gaming Redeem post will advise you that grab the offer as soon as possible because this kind of offers does not come daily. In massive platforms like Roblox gaming, you don’t get many opportunities to get items for free.

Ensure that you only use its official platforms and websites to claim your promo codes because using a third-party application or website can cause damage to your device or even worse.

Go to the official Prime Gaming website, and everything would go as you please. Please do share this post with others so that more people could know about this fantastic offer.

Please let us know in the comments section below about your experience of using promo codes to get free stuff on Roblox Prime Gaming Redeem.

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