Roblox Meep City Free Plus

the roblox game, the social media network

meepcity, the “roblox killer” is now a roblox game. i never thought that would never happen at all…<saerchasmxDD>

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Play a city life simulation game based on a popular online Web site for kids. MeepCity is a game on Roblox created by the user Alexnewtron. This game exists mainly for roleplay and entertainment.

anyways meepcity now has a game at launch hooray!!!!!!! generic minigames clone but with 3d circles, my favorite!!!!

first announced on twitter, the meeps are now coming back for the third time. is meepcity gonna close every 6 months just for the heck of it. will the plus membership still be there or will alex now use robux as a way of purchasing plus membership?

this meepcity will definetly be different from the last meepcity i promise!!!


judging by the comments you’ll be a 3d ball walking around a platform and going to a finish line. just kidding i never played the game because

  1. i dont have roblox installed on my pc
  2. i dont want to install roblox
  3. im too lazy to install roblox

alex is brilliant creating a social network game for kids IN A SOCIAL NETWORK GAME FOR KIDS!!!

holy shit why havent i thought of that???? i’m just hoping they keep the forums and the other website and not drop it for a roblox-only experience

oh man if alex rused us all i’m gonna die !!!

design of the meeps are pretty much okay now when you close meepcity and reopen it again will the meeps have realistic faces or???

Roblox Meep City How To Get Free Plus

in other news when will meeptester’s mymeepcity clone come out?? :///

possibly never

final thoughts:

Download meep city


i just now noticed that theyre balls inside of balls


is it better for them to roll without the ball?? since they dont have arms and they dont seem to mind rolling

Meepcity como ser plus

are they like cars??

Meep City Plus Script

i dont get this..

Update 2

Alex is making a gmod game lmao

Is meepcity like a gmod tower thing

Meep City Game

devs please stop copying from gmod

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