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The Futalognkosaurus is an herbivore that, when elder, deals 270 damage, has 1500 health and 18 speed. While the dinosaur is fast for its size, it also has low health for its size. It also has a very wide range — that in which is comparable to the Diplodocus. Da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die. Find the Tyrannosaurus is a badge obtainable by touching it. Spawn at Mellor or Greator Rockford. Go to the farms between the two airports. He will be standing in the corner of a barn.


doesn't have a theme song yet.

feel free to use him, just be sure to credit me!


Trey is a relatively young Abrasive, having to leave his home because of his abusive father he now lives with Tart. Trey has been taught how to hunt, fight, and defend by Tart as he still wasn't the best when he came to her. you can usually find him by himself drawing or on a hill or tree watching dinos move across a long stretch of land. he always dreams of running with those dinos, but he fears he'll spook them and they'll run off or attack. he takes joy in hunting with Tart because he loves to watch how stealthily she can be for such a large creature. he sometimes goes out hunting by himself and give whatever he had killed to Tart as a thanks for letting him stay with her and for raising him so well.


the Abrasive Giganotosaurus skin for the Giganotosaurus and this screenshot I took while I was playing DS.

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he was born in a normal family with his mother and father. one day his mother came back with some awfully huge wounds. Trey and his father tried to help her but it was futile, she eventually died from an infection and his father broke. his father was never the same after his soulmate died and he now sees Trey as an awful reminder of her. he left his father after he couldn't take the beatings any longer. he didn't have anywhere to go so he wondered around, hoping that someone could let him live with them. luckily Tart found him before he could become food for something larger.

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he tends to visit his father every now and then just to see if he has gotten better and to give him company. unfortunately his father has never gotten better no matter how long ago his wife's death was.

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