How To Use Mod Attack On Titan Tribute Game

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Download Universe Mod - Attack On Titan Tribute Game. Keep in mind that some things are visible only to you or the mod user. Download Warrior Mod Description: Attack On Titan Tribute game ia an action RPG game made and published by fenglee, released in 2013 for. Download Better Mod Download RC Mod for Windows/Mac/Linux. Berserk Eren Titan Skin AOTTG - Thank you for visiting Attack on Titan Tribute Game Fee We sharing mods, skins, tutorials, and more guide, I hope you love it here, just go ahead, tittled Berserk Eren Titan Skin AOTTG I have provided full information from the beginning to the end. Hopefully post content that I can write you understand. Okay, here's information. Download: Instructions For Exe. File: 1) Extract The File using Winrar. 2) Run The File Type.
Change Log:
- Fixed bug where pressing 1 didn't do anything (or any other HUD bug caused by skins). There is still a 5-10 second delay before the level completely loads and you can spawn, that is normal.
- Custom skin textures now scale with quality settings, this should help reduce lag for lower-end PCs. The max texture scale ends at about half-quality (right before it starts to blur).
- Fixed a few bugs with infection mode. Please refrain from using /restart during infection mode, it depends on the game-ending counter to do it's calculations, so just wait the 10 seconds. If it gets stuck for whatever reason, retype /mode infection # to force a game end.
- Master client should no longer override your player titan skin
- Fixed bug where leaving a team game didn't always reset your name to defaultGame
- Air-Reloading removed because abusive lol jk
When making skins, try to make the dimensions powers of 2 to increase performance (example: 1024x1024 will load faster than 1000x1000). I might make this a requirement for texture loading in the future.
For game version 7/29/2014
- WOW camera special ability bug fixed

- Flare cooldown reduced to 10 seconds
- TPS vertical look angles increased
- Added player titan moves
- Text input limits removed (server name, time limit, etc.)
- displays player IDs for /kick command, /ban
- displays room name and # of current players / max players
- Player Titan mode
- Titan explode mode
- Human vs Human bomb mode
- Nape health mode
- custom # of titans per round
- infection mode
- air reload
- Human,Titan,Horse,City,Forest custom skins - visible to anyone running RC mod.
- Team Mode
- Point limit mode - first to x points wins
- antieren
M ONLY-------
/kick (use ID not name)
/ban ID
/banlist - displays current banned players & their IDs
/unban ID
/mode pt 0 OR /mode pt off - turns off player titan mode
/mode pt # - turns on player titan mode, # can be between 1 and 30.
*You can't play PT during player titan mode if you are M, and M will get kills
of the player titans for now.
/mode explode # - turns on titan explode mode with a certain radius, works for any
number between 1 and 100.
/mode explode 0 OR /mode explode off - turns off titan explode mode
/mode bomb on OR /mode bomb 1 - Turns on human vs human bomb mode
/mode bomb off OR /mode bomb 0 - turns off human vs human bomb mode
/mode team nosort OR /mode team 1 - Turns on team mode without sorting
/mode team size OR /mode team 2 - turns on team mode, teams locked based on size
How To Use Mod Attack On Titan Tribute Game/mode team skill OR /mode team 3 - turns on team mode, teams locked based ons kill (untested)
/mode team off OR /mode team 0 - turns off team mode
/mode point # - first person/team to x points wins, works for any # between 1 and 1000
/mode point 0 OR /mode point off - turns off point mode
/mode health # - sets minimum damage to kill titan, works for any # between 1 and 5000
/mode health 0 OR /mode health off - turns off health mode
/mode infection # - turns on infection mode, choosing x players randomly to be titan, works for any number
between 1 and # of players.
/mode infection 0 OR /mode infection off - turns off infection mode
/mode titan # - turns on custom titan spawning, works for any number between 1 and 30.
/mode titan 0 OR /mode titan off - reverts to default titan # per round.
/antieren 1 OR /antieren on - turns on anti eren transform
/antieren 0 OR /antieren off - turns off anti eren
/kick ID - calls for a vote kick if not M (unless M is running RC lol)
/team 0 - join individuals
/team 1 OR /team cyan - join team cyan
/team 2 OR /team magenta - join team magenta
TITAN MOVES:Flare 1 - Grab in front, left or right depending on camera position
Flare 2 - Bite, left, in front, or right depending on camera
Flare 3 - Grab backwards, left or right

How To Use Mod Attack On Titan Tribute Game

Left Hook - Grab nape, left or right
Right Hook - Grab head, left or right
Player Titan mode: Every titan has player titan hitbox and mimics player titan behavior.
Current AI is able to detect player, punch/flop/jump if in a certain range, and will try to
move unpredictably while chasing. If behind the nape the AI will either flop, run randomly, jump,
or grab nape.
Titan explode mode: Titans explode upon death, killing all players within
specified radius.
Human vs Human bomb mode - All clients running RC mod will have bombs as special ability.
Kill every other human to win. Each kill nets one point, last man standing gets 5 points.
Every client must be running RC mod to use bombs. May need to rechoose/respawn to gain bomb ability.
Bombs might lag if there are too many titans; use /mode pt 1 to reduce the # of titans.
Team Mode - sorting mechanism courtesy of Innti
Player names are colored based on team, and teammates cannot kill one another in bomb mode.
Nosort - allows players to choose teams at the cost of one death.
size - moves players around to balance teams based on size
skill - moves players around to balance teams based on skill (haven't really tested this)
If used with bomb mode, the last team standing wins.
Unmodded clients are automatically placed under 'individuals'
Point Mode - first to x points wins.
If used with bomb mode, endless respawn is turned on.
If used with team mode, the team points are used to determine winner.
Health Mode - sets minimum damage to kill a titan. Does not apply to crawlers :)
Titan's don't really have health, just a minimum req for dying.
Titan mode - spawns x titans per round instead of default.
Infection mode - Meant for Forest I or City I pvp. X players are chosen to be a titan at the beginning of each round.
Killing a player will make them respawn as a titan. Unmodded clients can still be chosen
as a titan at the beginning of the round, but only modded will be able to respawn as a titan
after dying.
If the game gets stuck because of a laggy player or whatever, retype /mode infection # to correctly reset the game. Don't use /restart.
For Game Modes, ESPECIALLY Infection mode, do NOT use /restart when the round has ended. It might mess it up.
Bomb stats:
Forest: Range 280, explosion radius 35, initial cooldown 10s.
City/Outside: Range 400, explosion radius 50, initial cooldown 10s.
Akina: Range 200, explosion radius 10, initial cooldown 30s.
Press special ability again to detonate bomb early.
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