Fnaf World Fredbear Plush

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  1. Fnaf World Fredbear Attacks
  2. Fnaf Nightmare Fredbear Plush
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NameAdventure Ignited Nightmare Fredbear - Fnaf World Fnaf 4
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Fnaf World Fredbear Plush

Fnaf World Fredbear Attacks

Fnaf Nightmare Fredbear Plush

Nightmare Freddy seems to be an edit of Freddy Fazbear with sharp teeth and bright orange eyes. He has big claws, little rips and three Freddles which are small plush-like Freddy monsters. Fredbear, also called Fredbear Plush, is one of the main characters in the FNaF 4 story. He is shown watching and following the Crying Child, seemingly trying to help him. Tier: Unknown, likely 10-C Name: Fredbear Plush.

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