Fnaf World Final Boss Song

This soundtrack plays when you fight the final boss in hard mode

Dec 08, 2020 So long since i've uploaded some new finished music in here, so finally i decided to make the final touches to this and get ready to show the finished thing here, hope you like this remix of that one final boss song from that forgotten fnaf game that even scott is afraid of talking about, i personally like the game xd and man is tha music good in there also u.u.

Fnaf world

Comment by Fredbear

this song gives me the chills because it's so good...

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Comment by Jennifer Valentine

Fnaf World Final Boss Song Download

@u-miechni-ty-szczeniaczek hol up wut

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Comment by Shade The Fox

here we go this is more like it!

Comment by bouser10

i love this song

Comment by bouser10


Comment by Quack QuackYT

@windygames-rb fuck her

Comment by Quack QuackYT

@windygames-rb OMG yes

Comment by Geomaniac

@agfs8679 except slasher does only 99999 dmg. almost half of scotts health and 1/5 of the rainbows. You my good sir have just lied

Comment by Aidan Vannoy

@user-6179515: lol

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Comment by hosea toks


Comment by FantasticO

@user-681433228 Its literally Scott Cawthon. Youre battling the creator


Comment by lasoc

i like the game tho

Comment by lasoc

i like the song, but cmon, you make me play the game ALL over again and YET you tell me that i deserve this? come on

Comment by AdventureBeats

poop nuggets

Comment by bryda414

i love this theme

Comment by General_M a k e r

Mmeep mangles a boy peeps

Comment by Dorito Rancho

i actually love this game TwT

Comment by bismuth73

@technoblast-mudkipz It sounds like the music for if Mettaton was a pirate, IMO.

Comment by Springtrap_1987

I love it

Comment by Springtrap_1987

this song sounds so cool

Comment by connor horman

@luiz-yamat: It is actually both. The theme plays both when you fight Scott and when you fight Rainbow

Comment by connor horman

Best Song Ever PogChamp

Comment by Asher Albanese

CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO (to purple guy)

Comment by xavi448

too cool

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