Feed And Grow Fish Having Babies

  1. Molly Fish Having Babies

Mollies don’t have any parenting habits so parent molly does not protect their Fry Mollies. Even their own mother can eat babies, so they need much care in order to survive.

Female mollies give birth to babies or young ones that are called so “molly fry”. These babies are just like the adult molly but small in size, Tiny version of adult fish. So after birth, these babies need proper care, living space, and special food. So the special care needs things listed below:

  • Fish Food
  • Small Fishtank setup
  • Prevention from diseases

Raise some brine shrimp eggs to feed to your baby fish once they have grown large enough to eat them. Fry from livebearers are born fully formed and are usually big enough to eat baby brine shrimp right away. Fry from egg bearers are typically smaller after hatching and may need to grow for a week or two before they can accept baby brine shrimp. When the start clinging to the sides of the tank, you can start lightly feeding with live baby brine shrimp or other baby fish food Admin’s note: My preference is Northfinn Fry Starter as it is very high protein and you will get superior growth once the fish get to be about 2 weeks old. At FeedandGrowFishGames.com we're sharing our experiences about Feed and Grow: Fish game walkthrough and gameplay tips. We provide an honest review, guide, install guide and usage tips, news about updates and all information about your crafting skills. Also, We offer exclusive personal solutions to improve your conference quality. The sponge prevents the babies from being sucked into the filter, and baby fish can often be seen biting on the surface of the sponge, where tiny bits of food may grow. These Sponge Filters are very good with small fish that might get sucked into a filter with a powerful pump such as a BIO-Wheel Filter, like the one shown far above on this page.


  • Fry Molly Grown Up to Adult Mollies

Fry Mollies Food:

Fry Mollies do not require a special diet plan. They can eat that food adult mollies eat but it’s better to provide them food to be crushed in powder form than usual so they can easily eat them.

Because they have a very small mouth. the fry fish mouth is smaller than a grain of food. Meaty food like brine shrimps, glass worms, blood worms, and black worms will allow the fry fishes to grow quickly and become healthier but in chopped form. Feed them branded food to achieve the best growth, size, and color patterns in it.

This doesn’t mean that fry mollies are not born with definite colors and shapes but the proper food only enhances the beauty and growth of mollies.

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Tank setup for babies:

As you know now that parent mollies do not care for their babies. Fry fish could not live more life in a big tank with adult mollies because they eat them all in a short period. So for the survival of newly hatched babies, we separate them in a small tank with the same conditions as water parameters, temperature, and food. If you need more fishes in your aquarium after some period of time.

This tank setup is also helped a lot a pregnant molly to survive well in such critical conditions. After birth, we separate that female again in the parent tank.

Another way to save fry mollies can be achieved by providing them space to hide. Add as many as real or artificial plants in the aquarium or tank. Plants having longer leaves that float up to the top of the aquarium are much better in providing space for the fry mollies to hide.

Prevention from diseases:

Molly Fish Having Babies

As you know that air consists of many microorganisms that harm other living organisms. So they also try to enter in water or you can say that some parasites or fungi like microbes are always present in water. Our ultimate goal is to save babies of our fish to grow them into adults.

Babies have less immunity to diseases and environmental changes. We use different chemicals to maintain habitat and keep them safe. One of them is methylene blue. As we know fungus is the main reason for death in mollies

So I have also written a piece of content on it to save your fry babies 🙂

Fry Molly Grown Up to Adult Mollies

Just after 4 months, fry mollies completely change to adult fish. They do not get specific colors while during this time span they acquire the major color variations and shapes. They can get beautiful colors due to quality food and good habitat.

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The maximum size of an adult molly is approximately 6 inches while this size may vary from species to species. The average size of molly fish is about 2 to 4 inches.


Babies usually don’t have bold and specifically defined colors after birth but they will acquire their specific color combinations after reaching their adulthood. The color variations mollies usually have white, black and orange as their three primitive colors and all the other color combination coming out are from these three.

Feed And Grow Fish Having Babies

Most played games

Feed And Grow Fish Having Babies

The world of wild nature is cruel and harsh. If you can’t take over your opponent, prepare to die. That’s the law of the jungle and it works underwater as well. You can make sure of it by trying to survive in the merciless environment of a new IO game called Feed and Grow. The point of the gameplay is rather simple: move around a virtual space filled with other fishes, scout for food and eliminate your rivals to become the biggest and most dangerous fish in the sea! This is going to be thrilling!

In the depth of the ocean

So, you are going to find yourself in a spectacular underwater environment precisely copying the actual marine landscapes you can see somewhere at the Great Barrier Reef. The graphics are performed at a high level and you will get the greatest impressions from finding your way around this colorful 3D world. However, don’t spend too much time admiring the views: danger awaits you at every corner. The location is packed with other fishes controlled by players just like you. They, too, want to prevail on the map, so you can expect constant attacks on your gilled charge. As long as you are still a small fish and can’t hope to win in an open combat, it makes sense to stay away from those stronger than you. However, the balance of power can always change in your favor if you succeed in collecting edible supplies scattered around. Each type of food will bring you a certain amount of experience points. Once you earn enough points to upgrade your level, your stats will increase. That will affect your damage level, health and other parameters crucial for surviving in the open sea.

Kill or be killed

It would be way too easy to just swim around gathering delicious corals and beautiful shells. And way too boring. So the game developers included an element of danger by introducing multiple opponents that you are going to fight literally every other minute of the gameplay. You will see them around you all the time. Some of the fishes will try and attack you and it’s up to you to decide whether to run for your life or take the challenge. Of course, it’s much wiser to avoid confrontation with big fishes and chase little ones. Killing a fish will give you an instant increase in experience depending on its size and level – after all, it must be much more nutritious than any of the food you can find around. So, it’s as simple as that – kill or be killed.

Playing this way, hour after hour, you can grow your scaled companion to an unlimited size. It can become a notorious killer everyone is afraid of. But even the biggest fish can lose a battle. If you happen to die, don’t worry – you will be able to respawn in a couple of seconds. And then you can start all over again, more experienced and dangerous than ever… Amazing graphics, fascinating gameplay and plenty of missions you will have to accomplish for valuable rewards will keep you glued to your computer screen!

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