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  1. Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Release Date

On the surface, 'Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc' is a mess. For one thing, it's unconventional from a mainstream point of view. Whether it's Telltale's ' The Wolf Among Us ' or Quantic Dream's ' Beyond: Two Souls,' the moment that a game falls outside of the FPS, third-person action, platformer, etc. Umbrella of mainstay game designs, a.

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The Danganronpa series arrives on smartphones to celebrate its 10-year anniversary!
Experience the classic murder-mystery with an optimized UI, touchscreen controls and bonus gallery of illustrations, event scenes, character voices and design documents!
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Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Free Time

En ciertos puntos de la historia y del School Mode gozarás de tiempo libre para estrechar lazos con tus compañeros. En cada Free Time solo puedes escoger a un personaje, al que también podrás dar un regalo (consulta la tabla de afinidades aquí). Al llegar a determinados niveles de amistad sucederán eventos especiales y se ampliará el Report Card. Con cada página ampliada, recibirás bonificaciones de SP y Skills que te serán útiles en las Class Trials.

A continuación tienes la opción correcta a las preguntas con múltiples respuestas que aparecen en los Free Time de cada personaje.

Sayaka Maizono
I think it might have been... Crane

So it's the capital of Tochigi, and it's famous for its gyoza... Utsunomiya

Hifumi Yamada
A group that comes together to release their work... Circle
And the opposite of that is when anything is allowed from any property... Free-for-all
I know it was definitely 'something' angel... Demon

Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Release Date

Byakuya Togami
So he buys and sells stuff on the stock market, doing everything in a single day. I think that's called... Day trading
100,000 dollars times 5.5? You mean...? 550,000 dollars?

Mondo Owada
That's why it makes a 'monster sound'... When it's got no muffler
When he says a 'bareknuckle brawl' I think he must mean... Hand-to-hand
Well Mondo's a dog person, so... Dog person

Junko Enoshima
But why super late at night? And why's Junko seem annoyed at it...? Hang out

Sakura Ogami
Stand-up fighting, grappling, and a strong ground game... That could only be... Mixed martial arts
Maybe she's talking about her own teacher...? Which would mean... Your dad
What did she use to hit her tire when she was training...? I have to answer! A hammer

Kiyotaka Ishimaru
So maybe... Relating to your friends
Well, I'd better come up with a good excuse or I might actually have to give him my hoodie... But it's a makeshift hardhat
Hmm... Zero as a number, right? I'm pretty sure that came from an Asian country... India

Chihiro Fujisaki
So that would have to be... Voice recognition
She said it has to do with simulating human thoughts, right? Which must mean... Artificial intelligence
Thinking about strong guys, there *is* someone here who's probably been in a lot of fights... Mondo

Leon Kuwata
Those are all... Punk

Yasuhiro Hagakure
That must be... Tarot
UMAs are... I think... Cryptids?
Famous South American geoglyphs... Nazca


Kyoko Kirigiri
Hina's ultimate ability... She's training for the Olympics, and... Swimming
What is it Kyoko's always wearing...? Gloves

Aoi Asahina
Let's take a shot at this... Towel treatment
She got to her main sport, but ran out of juice. I think it's gotta be... Swimming
So what Hina's looking for is... Donuts

Toko Fukawa
The genre that the Ultimate Writing Prodigy specializes in... Romance
On a traditional date, you go to see something... What else could it be but...? A movie
Novels that use the author's own experiences... I'm pretty sure I learned about that at some point... I-Novel

Genocide Jill
The opposite of a downer... I guess it would have to be... Genki

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