Csgo Roblox Hacks Ahk

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  1. Csgo Roblox Hacks Ahk Cs 1.6

Csgo Roblox Hacks Ahk Cs 1.6

Discussion on CS:GO - AHK Trigger & Recoil script within the Counter-Strike Hacks, Bots, Cheats & Exploits forum part of the Counter-Strike category., 11:57 # 1. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Counter Strike Global Offensive Wall hack tool 2018 is a team-based action game that will enhance your fighting experience with the fantastic gameplay. It is a famous and interesting shooting game that let you choose the team of your choice. It features new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers the awesome.

Welcome To Lokeeh's AHK Macros!!!!
What Is AutoHotKey?
Auto Hot key is a free to use program that enables anyone to use macros or make macros
Will I Get Banned?
NO ahk cannot ban due to it not editing any data in csgo or using any files or anything
Just think of it as a new button to your computer commands :]
Steps In Order To Use AHK.
1.Download Auto Hot Key
Link:Um Links zu sehen, musst du dich registrieren
2. Copy and paste anyone of the scripts below save as .ahk (Any name can be used)
3.Once you have saved the file you MUST compile to script and then run as a administrator
4. Have fun using AHK scripts and read instructions ON how to use each one! Since im not gonna repeat myself or nobody should!!!!
(If you dont like to the scripts dont use em or just dont flame make your own)

How To Use:
Insert To Exit Script
Bunny Hop Script

TEXT Code:

How To Use:
Use your scroll wheel and keep it pressed as you jump do what you normally do with
Bunny Hopping
Tap Fire Script
How To Use:
Not really anyway of using you just shoot like you normally do and it should shoot one bullet :/
All Around Script
(Mega Script)
TEXT Code:

How To Use:

CTRL + SHIFT + S: Temporarily suspends the application
CTRL + SHIFT + E: Exits the application
ALT + SHIFT + S: Toggles TTS (text-to-speech)
CTRL + SHIFT + U: Checks for updates
CTRL + SHIFT + RButton: Toggle right mouse button for rapid fire
CTRL + SHIFT + LButton: Toggle left mouse button for rapid fire
Mouse delay settings:
CTRL + SHIFT + D: Says the current mouse delay through TTS.
CTRL + SHIFT + UP: Increases the mouse delay.
CTRL + SHIFT + DOWN: Decreases the mouse delay.
Burst settings:
CTRL + SHIFT + B: Toggles burst fire.
ALT + SHIFT + B: Says the current burst amount
ALT + SHIFT + UP: Increases the burst amount by one
ALT + SHIFT + DOWN: Decreases the burst amount by one
No recoil settings:
CTRL + SHIFT + N: Toggles no recoil mode
CTRL + SHIFT + M: Says the no recoil amount (idk what to call it lol)
WIN KEY + SHIFT + UP: Increases the no recoil amount
WIN KEY + SHIFT + DOWN: Decreases the no recoil amount
Crosshair settings:
CTRL + SHIFT + C: Toggles the crosshair
WIN KEY + SHIFT + C: Opens the 'change color' dialog.
Misc. commands:
CTRL + SHIFT + H: Help

Csgo Roblox Hacks AhkYes It Is Fully Adjustable I give Credits for this big one (No i did not make this one) to a friend in the ahk Community named xxOrpheus
Hope Some of these scripts could be helpful to you guys :]


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