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Eggveloper Egg of X,Y,Z

Egg Hunt Developers have a special launcher that awards these. Find or Follow one into select Egg Hunt games!

Star Creaggtor Egg

Star Influencers have a special launcher that awards these. Find or Follow one into select Egg Hunt games!

Eleggtrifying Eggmin of 2020

sonic 06 Admins have a special launcher that awards these. Find or Follow one into select Egg Hunt games!

Deteggctive W. Wolf

A Wolf Or Other

One golden egg is hidden each night. Be the one at the end of the night with the egg to win! But be careful not to get taken out or you will drop it!

Adopt Me, Chick!

Adopt Me

Hey Yolks! Hatch the brand new Adopt Me in-game Easter Egg to adopt an adorable Chick Pet. You'll also recieve the easter egg as a hat for your sonic 06 Avatar!

Egg of Hearts

Astral Hearts

Play as Alice or Hatter and traverse the Dark Forest to restore a Fallen Heart. Or rather a 'broken egg.'


Bad Business

Gear up and get ready to fight! Eliminate enemies for a chance to get the Eggmunition Egg!

Royal Egg of the Bearers

BEAR (Alpha)

You have been handed a mission to compromise the Royal Egg of the Bearers. You must first find a key to unlock the door, where you will await further instructions.

Swarming Egg of the Hive

Bee Swarm Simulator

Sun Bear hid exotic eggs around the map, and they've hatched into invasive chicks! Help 3 bears capture them to restore order and save the Egg Hunt.

Egg of Hidden Treasures

Build a Boat For Treasure

A valuable egg has been discovered in a castle down the river! But be careful. It's guarded by a fire breathing dragon! Take a dragon egg, transport it down the river, and trade it with the beast.

Eggsplosive Artifact of Energy


Energy cores were spread all throughout Deathrun, and we need your help to collect them! Power on the machine to discover what's buried in the Lobby...

Dragon Eggventure

Dragon Adventure

A mother dragon has lost her beloved eggs! After talking to her in the lobby, put together a torn note to help find them. But what await you...?

Samurai Egg

Dungeon Quest

Egg Island has been taken over by evil forces. Travel there to defeat the bosses and regain control over the island!



Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Translator

Collect the three keys and reach for the stars to reach this adventurous eg!

Chocolate Bunny Egg

Egg Simulator

Complete special event quest to collect clues. Find all 10 clues to unlock special rewards.

Epic Egg

Epic Minigames

The malevolent Easter Bunny has assailed upon Epic Minigames and is ravaging Easter Island! End this mayhem and snag the Epic Egg for yourself.

Marine Egghibit


Slop, drop and flop as you search for a hidden egg around the house. Once found; fry it and feed it to the noob.

Ghastly Egg

Ghost Simulator

To get this egg, you will need to travel to Easter Land and defeat Fluffy. In order to get to Fluffy, you will need to talk to Egg Hunter Ella.


Tenteggcle Alien

Gravity Oasis

Alien invaders have invaded Gravity Oasis! Earn salvage by riding rollercoasters, once you earned enough salvage repair the teleporter and board the alien ship! Journey through the ship and defeat the aliens to earn the egg!

Heroic Egg of Owlsomeness

Hero Havoc

The owls have stolen eggs from the Easter Bunny! Help the Easter Bunny get his eggs back by fighting back this bird menace.

Wicked Egg of Calamity

Hotel Stories

The slithery serpents have stolen one of Benny's eggs! Team up to recover the lost egg. Do you have what it takes to crack the case once and for all

Brainfreeze Egg

Break In

Talk to Chilly Charlie outside the house and complete his mission by finding 5 pieces of Ice. Pieces of Ice are scattered around the road, retrieving them may be dangerous! Complete Charlie's mission, claim your new egg, then continue playing for a secret ending...

Invasion Egg

Mad City

Get the key to the deathray. Go behind the painting to the egg. Collect the eggs in the egg area and place them in front of hospital. Fight Cluckles.

Lost Egg of the Minery


The Lost Egg of the Minery has been lost for centuries in the Minery! Find the ancient hiding place before it's lost forever!

The Eggtherian

Monsters of Etheria

The famous painter Leonard has appeared in Alchas, but he lost his art supplies! Help him clean up and use the paint to decorate his next masterpiece!

Shady Subjeggct


As Murderer, Eliminate the user with the egg on their head.

My Droplegg

My Droplets

A giant bunny droplet has appeared in My Droplets with the desire for friendship. Search the map for 6 unique flowers to bring joy to the Giant Droplet Bunny. In return you'll receive a gift!

Egg of the High Skies

Plane Crazy

Build yourself some transport and search for the ancient propeller egg.

Gourmet Egg

Restaurant Tycoon 2

Talk to the furniture shop receptionist enough, and she might reveal an ancient secret. Find a special recipe and cook it to obtain the gourmet egg!


Robloxian Highschool

The Spider Lord has lost his Despacito Spiders and is offering up his very own Despacitegg for the return of them. Find all 5 and it is yours!


Robot Inc

Eggs are scattered around the map; find a total of 15 to get the Robot Egg Hat!


Royale High

Grab your bow & arrow and descend into the woods on a mission to hunt enemies with the Enchanted Egg, whose only intent is to poison the royalty.

Saber Boss Egg

Saber Simulator

Explore the map to find the golden bunny. Complete a quest by collecting lost golden eggs and retrieving the key stolen by the Easter boss.

Egg of Cthulhu

Scuba diving at Quill Lake

Dark energy emits from under a stone tower. Enter the temple hidden beneath and face its challenges to discover an ancient egg.

Egg of the Shard Seeker

Shard Seekers

Embark on a quest to find keys to the mysterious observatory. Use these keys to unlock the door and discover the Egg of the Shard Seeker!

Eggraging Shark of the Sea


Locate and retrieve the sharks key during a round of SharkBite! However it may be closer than you think! Use the key to unlock the hatch to the egg!


Sinking Ship

Help deliver an important scroll to Captain Charlie. You'll find it at the front of the ship, no wait the back, maybe E Deck? Good luck exploring!


Ski Resort

Drive over all 11 ramps in a row to get the Eggcicle. Explore the whole map to find ramps!

Eggcentric Time Capsule

Speed Race

Infiltrate the building, raid the vault and escape with the egg on the 'Heist' map.

Bee Swarm Simulator Roblox

Roundcat Egg

Super Doomspire

Collect fallen eggs by KO'ing other players or blowing up their Doomspires! Gather enough of them, and the Roundcat Egg is yours!!

Supercharged Striker Egg

Super Striker League

It's raining eggs on the field! Use power-ups to shatter the forcefield that protects the Supercharged Striker Egg and claim it for yourself!

iEgg 12 Max Pro

Texting Simulator

The Eggphone framework has become glitched and the Code Master needs your help decoding the 3 pieces of code! Follow the instructions of the Code Master and hack computer terminals around Texting Simulator to decode all 3 pieces and fix the Eggphone's framework.

Doc Holidegg

The Wild West

Dive into the late 19th century, a time of exploration, adventure and cowboys. Solve the mystery of a recently uncovered Easter Temple. But beware, the Egg Heads are watching...

Time Traveler's Egg

Time Travel Adventures

Legends in Ancient Rome have depicted tales of a very powerful Egg in their time. Help Dr. Time travel back in time to retrieve the egg of Legend!

Tiny Tank Egg

Tiny Tanks

Pop! Pop! Boom! Destroy your enemies in Tiny Tanks for a chance at this rare egg!

Tower of Eggs

Tower Defense Simulator

Everything was fine, until the Epic Duck attacked... Enter the spring event elevator, strategize with friends and take on Ducky D00M and his army!

Dreggon's Breath

Treasure Quest

Bee Swarm Simulator Roblox Properleer Hat Game

Take on a legendary quest and prove yourself worthy enough to defeat the legendary Dreggon boss and steal it's treasure.

Cheggered Flag

Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands

Compete in different types of high-octane races to earn your egg!

Venture Egg


Hop in your MorphKart and destroy 30 golden eggs to unlock!

Poached Egg of the Sea

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Build a boat to protect your egg or become a pirate to take your own. Either way, if you have an egg on your boat at the end of the round, you win!

Fried Chicken Egg

Zombie Rush

Zombies have been stealing all the fried chicken! Kill zombies with fried chicken to collect it, collect 5 to get the Fried Chicken Egg!

Giga Zombegg

Zombie Strike

Defeat the zombies' latest contraption, the Egg Mech Zombie! Create or join a 'Boss' lobby and select the 'egg Mech Zombie'.

FabergEgg of the New Decade

Collect all other 49 eggs (admin/dev/star not included I believe)

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