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What’s up people. So today I want to be teaching you how to get Phantom forces hacks like Aimbot, ESP and more mods. I think it’s pretty easy to do. A lot of people always question me like, bro, how do you get your aims? So good. How do you do this? How do you do that? So first up, step number one, you’re going to need to click the Orange button (link below) and download hack. If you are wanting hack for Phantom Forces then maybe most appropriate website page for you. Phantom Forces Hacks is free of charge. Without any problems, you are going to make your game easier. Using only a few ticks on your computer mouse you’ve got all you could demand is this easy to understand.

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Phantom Forces Hack Download

You’re able to get to be the supreme king of sport and thus dominate your players. These useful applications tend to make it amazingly easy to destroy a game. Download hack and become the winner of the game.

First, download Phantom Forces Hack from:

Complete a simple survey to verify that you are human. After 1 minute, the tool will be on your computer.

Run Phantom Forces Hack after you launch to game

Use the shortcut to enable disable program:

Roblox Hack For Robux Real

CTRL+D on/off Aimbot

CTRL+F on/off ESP

CTRL+D Wallhack

More shortcut is included in readme.txt file with a hack.

Phantom forces 15 TIPS to make you better

  • Moving while shooting
  • Taking cover
  • Using correct attachments
  • Use gun according to map
  • Watch your movement
  • Aim Headshots
  • Always keep moving
  • Run faster with knife or secondary weapon
  • Take the high ground
  • Use headphones to better listen to sounds from around
  • Play with team and switch servers
  • Use grenades
  • Play often
  • Use our phantom forces hacks to be on the top

Phantom Forces Aimbot Tutorial


Load-out you’re going to need to take a gun that’s pretty accurate. Something such as the, a real laser beam to begin with. And you do need to slap a laser on that. We’re going to use a red laser, and then I need you to go to your under barrel. I slap another laser on that. We’re going to use another red laser, and then I’m going to need you to go to the optics and go ahead and slap another laser on that and throw on the Mars side.

Three lasers show must go on

We have three lasers. This is how you do it. And if you want to get even better, the only way to do even better turtle in the flash hider. So you can’t see the flash. It’s the only accuracy at this point. And I’m going to show you guys how it’s done. So once you have all three lasers equipped and your guns looking beautiful, the next thing you need to do is find an enemy.

This is going to be a pretty hard step. You have to get up real nice and close and personal with them because although you have aimbot, we’re going to have to try this again. Alright? So like I was saying, step number three is to find an enemy and then just simply amen. And you will never miss it. It’s that easy.

So simple, right?

It’s just that simple. When you have three different lasers, you can’t lose. How are you going to miss when you have a beam on your gun that literally shows you where you’re going to shoot it? It’s so simple. Don’t you see where my lasers are pointing? As long as you follow the laser, then you’re good to go.

If you enjoy reading leave a comment below. Hope my Phantom Forces hacks working very well for you 😉

Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. if game:GetService('RunService'):IsClient() then error('Script must be server-side in order to work; use h/ and not hl/') end
  2. local Player,Mouse,mouse,UserInputService,ContextActionService = owner
  3. print('this is gonna be so funny lmao')
  4. local Event ='RemoteEvent')
  5. --Fake event to make stuff like Mouse.KeyDown work
  6. local t = {_fakeEvent=true,Connect=function(self,f)self.Function=f end}
  7. return t
  8. --Creating fake input objects with fake variables
  9. local m = {Target=nil,,KeyUp=fakeEvent(),KeyDown=fakeEvent(),Button1Up=fakeEvent(),Button1Down=fakeEvent()}
  10. local UIS = {InputBegan=fakeEvent(),InputEnded=fakeEvent()}
  11. local CAS = {Actions={},BindAction=function(self,name,fun,touch,...)
  12. CAS.Actions[name] = fun and {Name=name,Function=fun,Keys={...}} or nil
  13. --Merged 2 functions into one by checking amount of arguments
  14. --This function will trigger the events that have been :Connect()'ed
  15. local t = m[ev]
  16. t.Function(...)
  17. end
  18. UIS.TrigEvent = te
  19. Event.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(plr,io)
  20. if io.isMouse then
  21. m.Hit = io.Hit
  22. local b = io.UserInputState Enum.UserInputState.Begin
  23. if io.UserInputType Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton1 then
  24. return m:TrigEvent(b and 'Button1Down' or 'Button1Up')
  25. for _,t in pairs(CAS.Actions) do
  26. if kio.KeyCode then
  27. end
  28. end
  29. m:TrigEvent(b and 'KeyDown' or 'KeyUp',io.KeyCode.Name:lower())
  30. UIS:TrigEvent(b and 'InputBegan' or 'InputEnded',io,false)
  31. end)
  32. local Player = game:GetService('Players').LocalPlayer
  33. local Event = script:WaitForChild('UserInput_Event')
  34. local UIS = game:GetService('UserInputService')
  35. if a then return end
  36. --Since InputObject is a client-side instance, we create and pass table instead
  37. Event:FireServer({KeyCode=io.KeyCode,UserInputType=io.UserInputType,UserInputState=io.UserInputState})
  38. UIS.InputBegan:Connect(input)
  39. local h,t
  40. --Give the server mouse data 30 times every second, but only if the values changed
  41. --If player is not moving their mouse, client won't fire events
  42. if h~=Mouse.Hit or t~=Mouse.Target then
  43. Event:FireServer({isMouse=true,Target=t,Hit=h})
  44. end]],Player.Character)
  45. Mouse,mouse,UserInputService,ContextActionService = m,m,UIS,CAS
  46. wait(3)
  47. local h ='Message')
  48. h.Text = 'Found error in ROBLOX Client retrying in 5'
  49. h.Text = 'LOADING ROBLOX CLIENT 1%.'
  50. h.Text = 'LOADING ROBLOX CLIENT 10%.'
  51. h.Text = 'LOADING ROBLOX CLIENT 20%.'
  52. h.Text = 'LOADING ROBLOX CLIENT 30%.'
  53. h.Text = 'LOADING ROBLOX CLIENT 40%.'
  54. h.Text = 'LOADING ROBLOX CLIENT 50%.'
  55. h.Text = 'LOADING ROBLOX CLIENT 60%.'
  56. h.Text = 'LOADING ROBLOX CLIENT 70%.'
  57. h.Text = 'LOADING ROBLOX CLIENT 80%.'
  58. h.Text = 'LOADING ROBLOX CLIENT 90%.'
  59. h.Text = 'LOADING ROBLOX CLIENT 100%.'
  60. h.Text = 'Roblox Client Is Loaded! Keep playing.'
  61. wait(3)
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