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May 6, 2017 - Ravenclaw Robe - Mantel - Wizard - Zauberer -Broesel Spiel - A letter from Hogwarts - Harry Potter - Animal Crossing New Leaf - ACNL - QR - Broesel. Mar 27, 2020 - The best Animal Crossing: New Leaf blog on the web!. ULTIMATE HARRY POTTER OUTFITS- Animal Crossing: New Leaf QR Codes. Article by x social xx. Animals Crossing Animal Crossing Guide Animal Crossing Qr Codes Clothes Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Film Manga Motif Acnl Ac New Leaf Motifs Animal Happy.

Gryffindor Jumper

Slytherin Jumper


Hufflepuff Jumper

Ravenclaw Jumper

Deathly Hallows Tee

Gryffindor Rose Flag

Slytherin Rose Flag

Hufflepuff Rose Flag

Ravenclaw Rose Flag

Gryffindor Suit

Slytherin Suit

Hufflepuff Suit

Ravenclaw Suit

Newt Scamander Robes With Scarf

Not made by me

New Leaf Qr Codes Tumblr

Newt Scamander Robes Without Scarf

Not made by me

Daily Prophet Face Cutout Standee

Not made by me

Quidditch Face Cutout Standee

Not made by me

Hi there! Mayor Tina here with a whole set of QR codes! They're mostly made by me, and they say if they aren't. Please feel free to use and share any of these, so long as you show they are made by me (if they are mine). If you habe no QR Code Machine yet, PM me, and I'll display them in my Able Sisters, so you can come and pick which ones you want! I will do certain requests within my abilities for bells if you ask me!

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