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Tags #qr #QR code #qr codes #acnl qr #acnl #ac #ANIMAL CROSSING NEW LEAF #animal crossing #animal crossing qr #animal crossing qr code #lolita #lolita qr code Hi guys, I’m back again! Here’s a simple sweater and skirt outfit:3. This blog is dedicated to all customisation aspects of Animal Crossing: New Leaf including furniture, decorations, pathways, clothes, accessories and much more! My QR codes and photos are here for your use and inspiration so please feel free to use it!

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Animal Crossing New Horizons QR codes allow you to customize your game with new designs. Import your favorite paintings, album covers, memes, and other designs by learning how to scan QR codes and using custom codes at the Able Sisters’ Shop.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Animal Crossing New Horizons QR codes from around and put them all in one place. Feel free to use any of these to add some flavor to your island or spice up your room. Click the images with the QR codes to make them larger.

Feel free to bookmark this page and check back for updates. We do try and keep this list fresh and up-to-date every week with new QR codes and designs.

How To Scan Animal Crossing New Horizons QR Codes

Before proceeding, we should explain what QR codes are and what they do. Custom designs can be created in New Horizons that can be shared with players via Design IDs or Creator IDs. These IDs are entered on the kiosk in the Able Sister’s shop.

Custom designs made on older Animal Crossing games like New Leaf can be imported into New Horizons via QR Codes. To scan QR codes in the game, you need a few things. First, you will need the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app to access NookLink. You can download it here:

You will need to purchase Nintendo Switch Online service, which is $20/year to use NookLink. Consider this a small investment to make your island look amazing. Sign in to the Nintendo Switch Online app with the same account you use to play Animal Crossing New Horizons.

You will see Animal Crossing New Horizons under Game-Specific Services on the bottom of the screen. Now, go to your Switch and press the minus button on the title screen of New Horizons to open the settings menu.

Enable NookLink from the settings, and you will be able to import custom designs into the game by scanning them on your phone through the Nintendo Switch Online app. Open up New Horizons, and you can use the Custom Designs app on your Nookphone, which costs 800 Nook Miles at the Resident Services building to be unlocked.

Import Custom Designs in Able Sisters’ Shop

For alphanumeric codes, you will need to enter creator codes at the Able Sisters’ shop. There is a kiosk located in the back to do this, but you will again need internet access and a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership.

After choosing to access the kiosk, a screen will pop up where you can search custom designs by Design ID or by Creator ID. Search through a bunch of creations from one person or search specific Design IDs like the ones listed below with this method.

Animal Crossing New Horizons QR Codes List

Below is our compiled list of QR codes for some of the best custom designs we could find for New Horizons. Feel free to bookmark this page and check back any time for updated designs.

Animal Crossing Game Covers

Batman Classic


Animal Crossing New Leaf Qr Codes Pokemon


Ash Ketchum (No Gloves)

Animal Crossing New Leaf Qr Codes Guys



Pokemon Card







Link’s Awakening Dress

Twilight Princess

Link Shirt

Naruto Young


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Woody (Toy Story)

Brick Paths


Nyan Cat Dress

Wanted Poster

Super Sonic

The Great Wave off Kanagawa (Multi)

The Great Wave (Single)

I’m a Luxury Sweater

Tree Markers

Animal Crossing New Leaf Qr Codes Guys 4

Use these handy little QR codes to mark your trees so you know which fruit grows on them.

Zelda, Pokemon, and Fantastic Adventures

Sonic, Doctor Who, Rocket Logo, and Radioactive Symbol

Minecraft Packs

Seafoam Hanfu

Visitor Signs

Punk Denim Jacket

Coffee Shop Stall / Menu

FFXIV Astrologian Dresses

No Internet – Google Chrome

Stardew Valley

Animal Crossing New Leaf Qr Codes Guys Names

Celeste Panel

Floral Stall Wisteria Design

Pine Forest Design

Baby Hairs

To customize your game even further, check out some Animal Crossing New Horizons custom path designs. You can put down custom paths on your island to create some different unique looking areas.

Hello, again.

I will not give this game a rating. As to why, it’s because I mostly rate games on when I’d get bored from the repeating dialogue and yet I still like this game due to the fact I got it from game cube and I wanted to continue my town’s legacy.


I wanted to know if you guys would like a QR Code of a school uniform based on a manga I’ve read.

It’s Vampire Knight: Day Class Female Uniform and one more…

I hope you guys like them.


Qr Codes For Animal Crossing

Oh yeah if you guys wanted to look for more anime/video game/manga related QR codes for animal crossing and have a Japanese translator/knowledge on you

try this website:

Hope you like it!

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